Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Not a lot going on here. Really. Doug is working hard and late as usual, getting ready for yet another inspection. He is fixin' to turn 41 tomorrow. Happy birthday, Dougie!
Meghann tried playing tennis and decided that "Emos don't play tennis" and gave it up. She is doing pretty good on highschool, even though the middle school drama is still there.
Sydney is doing good gradewise, too. She is trying to like it here.
I am doing good. I am volunteering at the Education Center twice a week. How lucky for the people at the Education Center (that was sarcastic.)
Abby is growing out her fur- no news on the tumor. Dinah is still healthy and strong.
The Turks are celebrating the month of Ramazan. They fast from sunup until sunset. It's hard to watch my maid do all that work, knowing she is fasting. It's pretty commendable. We decorated for Halloween yesterday and today when Sada came over she probably thought we were wicked. She saw a big fake spider and jumped a foot, it was funny. Luckily, she has a good sense of humor. The month ends with a big celebration called the Sugar Festival, the little kids knock on doors and ask for candy (kind of like trick-or-treating.) The big kids get money, a tradition I hope America doesn't pick up.
That's the news, folks. Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow.