Saturday, June 23, 2007


Little Milo. Meg and Syd after the last band concert of the year.

Dinah and Sydney, talk about MySpace. Dinah poses on the handmade carpet I got. Both are beautiful.

Re-purposed Cats

Walking past the spare room one day I noticed the fouton looked lumpier than usual, upon closer inspection, it was just Abby doing this thing she does.
Later, walking into my bedroom, I couldn't resist taking a picture of my new throw pillows.
An interesting(?) side I sit here typing, the cats are out in the backyard taking the air. The sun is setting and it is cooling down. They have a new friend, a little skinny kitten we call Milo. He comes over and they visit through the fence. Sometimes he comes in the yard, after watching him carefully, I don't think he and my cats feel anything towards each other but friendship. They all just lay around in the yard napping. Right now though there is a new twist. Milo came over to visit, hopped up on the fence and then jumped up on our shade canopy thing. He meowed loudly a few times and then lay down as if in a hammock. Dinah noticed that this was different and hopped up on the table to get a better look. Nothing good happened, so she lay down. This went on a few minutes then Milo hopped down into our yard. As I type this, all three have sniffed each other cutely on the nose, and are now laying around in various stages of relaxation. It is weird, it's kinda like Milo is just lonely and my cats don't know what to do with him so they just kind of let him do his thing. He is trying to play with Dinah's tail, but he doesn't quite dare. Now they sniffed noses again then Dinah got what we call the "puh" face and asked to come in. Kinda like she got a whiff a stinky little brother and got grossed out.

Life's A Garden, Dig It

When your front yard looks like this it is necessary to take pictures of flowers. I give all the credit to Ekram.

Yet Another Fieldtrip

This field trip we went to a different Turkish school and visited the students. They even put on a small play for us. It was in Turkish, of course, but their costumes, which consisted mostly of fake moles and fake uni brows, were very entertaining.

Walking around Adana is always an eyeful. This trip we found a hair salon that has the same name as Meghann...her Turkish class name anyway, we had to get a picture of Meryem in front of "Meryem's". We also got these pictures of the Burger King Delivery scooters, for when you need a Whopper, but just can't break away from Dawson's Creek reruns.