Friday, April 27, 2007


Alright, I was trying again to upload pics and this time it worked. Maybe it has to do with how many I am trying to do. This is the first picture I took with my new camera- you remember that Doug sat on my old one.

Picture Problems

OK, the last two times I have tried to upload pictures to my blog it hasn't worked. So I will just entertain you with the inner workings of my mind.
I have been meaning to walk around and take pictures of some of the interesting and different things here in Turkey but the Turkish military is VERY sensitive about what can be photographed so I will attempt to describe some of these things. I think my sister Dianne will especially enjoy this.
Instead of "children at play" signs, they have signs with pictures. The one coming in to my neighborhood is of two kids on a teeter-totter. Which makes me think in America it would say, "Caution, children teetering."
Also around any construction sites you can see a variety of signs my two favorites are: CAUTION: MAN WORKING and FIRST SAFETY. The crosswalk sign is a silhouette of a man who appears to be wearing a suit complete with a fedora.
In other news- spring is here- the flowers in my yard are amazing. Sydney is turning 12 tomorrow and I can't believe it. Last week at Spring Fling she won us a free night at a hotel on the Med. Finally, she's earning her keep!
Doug is being promoted on Monday to Lt. Colonel- yeah!! That was always the goal and he has worked his buttocks off to reach it, I am very proud of him. Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures of the ceremony.
Meghann, the cats and myself are all doing fine, hope you are too!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still Here

In case anyone out there is wondering where in the wide, wide world of sports I have been, I will tell you. I am sick. I am sick of being sick. But apparently not sick enough to go to the doctor. I hate going to the doctor. I just have a cold, I can tough it out, right? Just because my throat hurts so bad I can't sleep is no reason to go begging some doc for some antibiotics. Please agree with me. Doug is also sick, he sounds like a guy who smokes 10 packs a day and he is coughing up stuff I don't want to know about. (Yet he always tells me.) But he went to the doctor and got lots of drugs. He says he feels better but he sounds like an 85-year-old sailor.
On another note, hope you all had a Happy Easter. Ours was smashing. We had friends over for a feast of ham, funeral potatoes and green beans. I hope I didn't pass on my germs. This year since we felt yucky we slept in. I was still sleeping when Doug came in and said, "We have an issue." We sorta forgot to do the whole Easter Bunny/basket thing. Oops. We had plenty of candy, but we didn't do dresses for the girls this year- they are too old to let me pick out anything for them to wear. And we didn't get them a DVD or anything really, besides lots of candy. I know, we suck. Doug did get their baskets together for them and I came down and took a picture.(Which I am too tired to post at this juncture.) Anyway, I think they forgave as they ate chocolate bunnies for breakfast.
On yet another note, today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Do we win an award or something? Did I mention my husband has unhealthy amounts of phlegm?