Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What I Won't Miss

There are lot of great things about living here and I will blog about those things one of these days. Lately I have been homesick and tired of being here so here is a vent blog about what I will not miss when we roll out of here this summer.....
1. Buying milk in half gallon boxes that only get delivered once a week and only last one week.
2. Only driving 25 miles an hour. Since I lack the fortitude of spirit to drive off base, I have personally not driven more than 25 miles an hour since 2006.
3. The way they drive off base, like they have a deathwish.
4. The smell of burning trash.
5. AFN- only 10 channels and AFN commercials that deal with OPSEC ( watch your back-the enemy is watching), depression and suicide, and Ruthie Alcaide talking about alcoholism.
6. The scheduled and unscheduled power and water outages.
7. Mandatory fun, i.e. Awards Banquets, Balls, Promotion Ceremonies, office farewells, etc.
8. The school.
9. Cement walls that require a hammer drill to hang a picture.
10. All the stray and abandoned cats.

OK, I feel better now, I guess.

I Got Me Some Religion

Last September I started teaching seminary. For the three people who read my blog but are not Mormons, seminary is basically a scripture study class for high school age kids. This year one of MY kids is high school age, gasp! So I actually volunteered to teach seminary in order to make sure it was available to Meghann. This year we are studying the Old Testament. There are only 2 other kids in the class. We meet every Sunday morning for about an hour and I impress them with my vast knowledge of scripture (that was meant to be sarcastic.)
So I am studying a lot each week for that. So far, as usual, the teacher has probably learned much more than the students. It has been great, all the kids I teach participate and ask questions and we have a good time.
I am also still doing Bible Study with a group of women at the base chapel. Right now we are studying the book of Daniel. There is a lot more to that book than just a group of frustrated lions! We are starting the half of the book that deals with what Beth Moore calls "end-time events." Basically the LAST DAYS. Our first discussion was yesterday and because there are so many denominations in the study the conversation was very exciting. They all agreed to respectfully disagree to some extent. But really, what they all decided was that nobody really knows how the Second Coming is going to occur, so it's best to cover all your bases. I kind of keep quiet. I see the confusion and all the questions left unanswered in the minds of the other women and I am utterly amazed and thankful to know what I know about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It gives me peace.

Abby Update

Sadly, Abby isn't doing very well. Her tumor is growing bigger every day. You can see it sticking up in the picture with Meghann. She is still eating, but she is losing weight. It turns out she really is just fluffy, when you pet her now, you can feel her bones. She can't hop up on her cat scratch, or the recliner. She gets up on my bed by climbing on the chest at the foot first. It is so sad. She is still very sweet and cuddly, but it's easy to tell she just isn't her old self. I was telling Doug the other day, that she has always seemed like a two-year old-she just has that mentality. It's hard to keep in mind that really she more like an old lady. We are watching to make sure she isn't in any pain, I don't think she has much more time left. We are lucky to have had ten and a half great years with her and Dinah.

Life still goes on even though I neglect my blog. Here are some of the latest bulletins:
Meghann is a rockstar. She is writing songs and practicing and is getting pretty dang good.
Sydney is blossoming into a lovely young lady (she would hate that I wrote that, ha ha, Syd.)
They were both on the latest honor roll. Our church just had what is called "New Beginnings", and both girls spoke about goals they have been working on-they did a great job. Doug and I are pretty proud of them, we might keep them around awhile longer.
In other news, we got a new "shaggy" rug. Dinah seems to like it.