Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Izmir, The Last One

Our hotel was a few blocks from this bay or harbor or waterfront or what have you.

What we saw of Izmir the city, it was pretty similar to Adana. A little cleaner, and much bigger. But we are not city people, so lots of tall buildings and bad traffic doesn't really impress us.
In biblical times Izmir was called Smyrna, for all you historical types.
Alas, with all our walking around this big city, we ended up eating at the BK out of sheer frustration and extreme hunger. (We have a BK here on base, so it's no treat....AT ALL.)
The first night we had wandered into a really nice Chinese restaurant, but after spending WAY too much for dinner, we knew we had to look for fast food. Our last night we ate at a Turkish pizza place. Note to self- Turkish pepperoni is not the same as American.
These are the Burger King cats. They live outside the joint and live off of chicken fingers and whoppers.

All in all, our trip was great and much needed. We saw a lot of incredible sights. Watched BBC, played Uno and Ligretto. Best part- we were together!

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The monkey bunch said...

beautiful! And what an awesome experience! I remember when the only fast food around was Burger King. I actually really, really don't like Burger King. One time when I worked there everything broke down, so all we had was ham and cheese that didn't need to be cook and I had a line out the door of GI's fresh in from the field who wanted whoppers. They were not happy when I told them all we had was ham and cheese, but funny enough, they all ate it!